Wednesday, September 29, 2010


another Italian dish made simple! think you don't have time during your busy week to prepare a delicious classic? Think again! I've simplified chicken parmesan and packed in a ton of taste (with my secret weapon- biscuit mix)! This thin cut of chicken cooks up quick and stays tender when you smother it with a hearty tomato sauce and creamy mozzarella cheese. Plus, all you need is 2 shallow dishes and a skillet, so clean up is just as easy as cooking!

1 large chicken breast, split in 2 or 2 small chicken breasts
1 egg
1/4 cup seasoned breadcrumbs
1/4 cup biscuit/pancake mix
1 tbs. parmesan cheese
1/2 cup tomato/marinara sauce
2 tbs. shredded mozzarella cheese
canola/vegetable oil
extra virgin olive oil

-slice the chicken lengthwise into two 1/2" thin, even sized pieces or if using two smaller chicken breasts, pound out until 1/2" thick
-in a large shallow dish, mix breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, biscuit mix
-beat egg with 1 tbs. of water in another large, shallow dish
-place chicken breasts in egg mixture, let excess drip off
-place chicken breasts in breadcrumb mixture and coat the chicken, shake off excess
-let chicken sit for about 5-10 minutes before cooking
-warm 2 tsp. olive oil and 2 tsp. canola/vegetable oil in a medium sized skillet
-place chicken into the skillet, and cook approximately 4 minutes on each side
-pour 1/4 cup of tomato sauce on each piece of chicken, and top with 1 tbs. of cheese each
-cover with a lid, and let cook 2-3 minutes, until cheese is melted
-serve with a side of pasta or vegetables, and enjoy!

makes 2 servings

An Italian classic made quick enough for a weeknight dinner- anything I can eat with a side of pasta is a winner in my book!

-Use your own homemade tomato sauce, or use a jar of your favorite brand.
-Don't have biscuit mix? Just use flour.
-Don't have seasoned breadcrumbs? season your own! Mix in a few shakes of onion powder, garlic powder, pepper, paprika, salt, and Italian seasonings/dried herbs.
-If your chicken is browning too quickly on the stove top, you can melt the cheese in the oven. Place the chicken in an oven safe baking dish, and place under the broiler for 2-3 minutes.
-You can used thin sliced chicken cutlets instead of thin cutting your own chicken breasts, just adjust the cooking time if they are thinner than 1/2" to about 3 minutes each side.
-Make it dairy free, and skip the cheeses. Eat the chicken with just tomato sauce, or add a topping other than cheese such as sauteed mushrooms!
-When pounding out chicken, place the breast in a large zip-lock bag, or between to sheets of wax paper. Pound out with a meat mallet, or with a heavy skillet.
-Want to make it for a larger group? Just double or triple the recipe!

It's important to let the chicken sit before cooking: it helps set the coating and bind better to the chicken, so it won't fall off when you cook it.

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