Sunday, September 26, 2010




Though you may have seen this item on a cheesy (yet mesmerizing!) info-mercial, don't dismiss it yet! If you like to always be prepared, this machine could become your best friend! Buy in bulk, buy on sale, and buy the staples and you will always have SOMETHING to cook in the house. Individually seal chicken breasts so you can always defrost the perfect portion. Buy seasonal fruits and veggies and seal them up to keep the flavors at their best. Buy a huge hunk of meat (like a pork shoulder) and split it into 2 or 3 smaller meals instead of one large meal. The possibilities are endless! From my experience- it's a product that is worth the money!


Plenty of magazines I've read said this item is a kitchen must- so I purchased one- and I agree! The hand blender is much less clumsy to pull out of the cupboard to blend up your favorite soups and sauces. It saves a lot of cook and clean up time by placing the hand blender straight into a pot rather than slowly pouring foods into a regular blender or food processor a little bit at time- especially when you when you are working with hot foods. Most of these blenders come with a whisk and a chopping attachment which combines a food processor and a stand mixer all into this one little tool. It's handy, it's easy to clean, and it helps add a lot of delicious creaminess to your life!


  1. CAUTION! I've have two friends who have horror stories involving a hand blender and their fingers. That thing can be dangerous!

  2. well put! always keep your fingers away from any moving blades! and be extra careful with clean-up!